Content is taught as a series of concepts. Assignments will be graded in each concept on a four point scale:

Score Rubric Same as
4 Mastery: You show complete understanding, show all your work, use notation correctly, and made no algebraic errors. A+
3 Competence: You get the general idea, but didn't show all your work, used notation improperly, or made some algebraic errors. B/C
2 Developing: You have been exposed to the idea, but you really don't understand how it works, or why notation or showing your work matters. D/F
1 No Understanding: Answer is completely unrelated to the knowledge the problem is supposed to illustrate. F
0 You didn't do any notable work. F

Quizzes will cover several concepts each week. This way, each concept is tested multiple times. Only the two best scores are kept for the final grade. This allows students to improve their understanding over time, and have their grade reflect that understanding.

In the reports, each concept will have two entries, reflecting the two highest scores for that concept. Information on the concepts may be found by looking under the appropriate course on Mr K's home page.

There is no extra credit. If a student wishes to improve their grade, they must learn the material, and may retest outside of class once they demonstrate that they have done so.

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Hw Quizzes

Homework and other practice counts for 10% of the grade. This is enough to affect the grade in the class, but certainly not enough to guarantee a passing grade on its own. The primary source of the grade is based on the students ability to demonstrate learning via test or other comparable assessment.

In order to reflect the above rubric, the percent scale has been modified:

GradePercent Range
A86 - 100
B76 - 85
C66 - 75
D51 - 65
F0 - 50